Meet our Team


Here at Creature Comforts Animal Inn, we care for all our guests like they are our own. We board, groom, and play with dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. Our staff is professional, caring, and attentive, and are Pet CPR and First Aid Certified.

We keep our facility clean and we are open 7 days a week. Stop by today for a tour!

The Creature Comforts experience

  • Our kennel has been around since 1971

  • Professional, caring, and attentive staff

  • Playtime included in boarding price

  • Veterinary recommended

  • Monitored fire alarm system in place

  • Open 7 days a week

  • Experienced groomer on staff

  • All Staff is Pet CPR and First Aid Certified.

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Jill, Center Manager

Jill started at Creature Comforts in 2016 as our groomer. After a short sabbatical, she returned and took over as our center manager. She is a “fear free” certified groomer and applies that to all aspects of the kennel. Since becoming manager, she has implemented many changes to ensure our pet guests have the best time during their stay with us. Jill and her husband Cody have two grown children (Skyler and Gage) as well as multiple four-legged kids (Gertie, Arlo, Grizz, Nova and Mikey) When she’s not at the kennel you can find her disc golfing, attending as many concerts as possible and traveling to Maine for weekend getaways.


Alyssa, Assistant Manager

Alyssa is our assistant manager and has been with Creature Comforts since 2008. She has a degree in Animal Care Management and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running the facility. She absolutely loves being hands on when it comes to caring for your beloved pets! Ty and Logan are her two beautiful black labs that she adores and loves to take them hiking and swimming. Aside from her love of dogs, Alyssa is also an equestrian and has been involved with horses since the age of 7. She loves being a member of our team and with years of experience, continues to serve Creature Comforts with dedication and love to ensure a well maintained facility that is loyal to customers and their fur children that stay with us.


Gwen, Training Lead

Gwen is our training lead and has been at Creature Comforts since October 2022. Aside from working in the kennel with our boarders, you can find her doing the occasional bathing shift as well. Gwen has been working with dogs for over 4 years and has special interest in training. She studied and graduated from Animal Behavioral College and became nationally certified to train

dogs. In addition to being a part of our team, she’s also a travel trainer and is experienced in all kinds of breeds and behaviors. Gwen has two pitties of her own, Wishbone and Bleu, two cats named Ollie and Toast, a turtle named Chong and two mice named Louie and Gucci. Outside of work, she enjoys fitness, pottery, singing, karaoke nights and spending time with family and friends.


Sydney, Staff Lead

Sydney is one of our staff leads and has been working at Creature Comforts since January 2023 as one of our kennel and daycare girls. She was part of the agricultural program at Ledyard high and also rode horses for 14 years. Sydney goes above and beyond in helping out wherever she can, which we all love and appreciate. She is extremely thorough, caring and very detail oriented when it comes to caring for our boarders and their needs. She also has two pups of her own named Cooper and Ducky. Some of Sydney’s favorite hobbies outside of work are gardening and collecting crystals and rocks.


Victoria, Staff Lead

Victoria is one of our staff leads and has been working at Creature Comforts since 2007. She’s also our office girl and handles a majority of the paperwork, so often times, you’ll catch her floating back and forth between her office and our facility. Her eye for detail, organization and compassion have made her a valuable part of our team. Victoria has worked with all kinds of animals over the years, including horses, dogs, cats, rodents and even wildlife such as birds of prey and reptiles. As much as she has a love for every type of animal out there, she definitely has a big soft spot for our seniors and special needs. Outside of work, you’ll find her spending time with her cat fur child (Ember) who is the light of her life, reading a really good fantasy book or engaging in multiple artistic endeavors (especially graphic design)


Becca, Staff Lead

Becca is one of our staff leads and has been working at Creature Comforts since January 2023. She’s grown up with cats and dogs her whole life, along with working on a horse farm and volunteering at shelters. In general, she’s a longtime lover of ALL animals. Becca has a very upbeat, fun personality and is extremely caring and attentive, making her an excellent fit for our team. She takes the time to understand our more nervous boarders, especially our kitties. Becca is also a resident cat lady herself, as she has three of her own named Gus, Dodo and

Apollo. Her outside of work endeavors includes crocheting, reading, writing fantasy novels and singing.


Jessica, Staff Lead

Jess is one of our staff leads and has been working at Creature Comforts since 2016. She has grown up with hunting dogs and has officially been working with dogs since 2004. Aside from her canine work, Jess also rode horses for many years. We like to call Jess our jack of all trades, as you can find her working in the kennel, outside at daycare, bathing AND helping out in the office (including putting together our office furniture, which we greatly appreciate) She is very patient with the animals and wonderful at creating a calming atmosphere for our nervous nellies, especially when bathing. At home, she has 4 dogs named Tommen, Fox Mulder, Sandor and Coraline, a cat named Simi and a Russian Tortoise named Oogway. Jess went to college for visual fine arts and loves to paint and draw, has interest in photography and dabbles in some taxidermy.

Ally teammate

Ally, Staff Lead

Ally is one of our staff leads and has been working at Creature Comforts since 2017. She’s one of our main daycare girls, but you can also find her doing an occasional bath or kennel shift. Aside from her canine experience, she’s also ridden horses since 2004 and is still heavily involved in working with them. Ally is what we’d call our lightning-fast lady, as she gets everything done super quickly and efficiently. She’s wonderful with our daycare dogs and puts the appropriate play groups together to maintain a safe and fun environment for everyone! Ally also has two dogs of her own, Remi and Harley, that have the biggest and most fun collar collection we’ve ever seen. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking with her dogs, spending time at the barn and spending time with family and friends.


Gavin ACA/ Daycare


Shannon/ Bather


Lauren ACA


Emma ACA


Linda CSR


Lloyd ACA/ Trainer


Jesse ACA


Olive CSR




Dee, Bather


Doug ACA


Devan ACA


Jake ACA


Lily ACA/ Daycare